Every great invention have taken a cue from these basic circles.These circles also simply explains why a lot of great ideas never saw the light of the day.

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Circle A: What are you good at?

Most successful companies started from ‘what you are good at’. But even if it started from what you are good at doesn’t mean that it’s enough to break any grounds. You are good at speaking doesn’t mean you must succeed speaking, teaching or even at being a lawyer as people always easily think. If you are good at essay doesn’t mean you will succeed writing. Your being good at anything can earn you income to keep body and souls together. It could always be your source of income but if what you are good at must grow into a giant successful company, then circle B must be introduced.

Circle B: What are you born to do?

What is your calling, what do you enjoy doing even when you are not paid to do it. What is that thing that gives fulfillment when you’re doing it? You can be good at speaking but it might yet not be your calling to be a pastor(because you may not get satisfaction or fulfillment in pastoring, even though you are good at it). Even the best spokes person can be the worst preacher .

What you are good at can earn your feeding allowances, but if you have to make it into a real business, anything you are good at must also be something you are born to do.

But there is another circle that will blow it all out like fire. That is the added circle that will blow any idea into a worldwide company. That is where I see giant companies like Facebook and Microsoft playing roles. That is the third circle and it is called circle C

Circle C: what will people pay you to do?

Even if what you are good at is what you are born to do, if it is not a hot deal, if it is not trendy, if it is not the catch, then unless you have otherwise special talent to sell it none the less, you don’t expect it to break like Facebook and Microsoft. How big a company you can build with what you are good at depend on how many people will be willing to pay you and how much they will be happy to pay you for doing what you are born to do. So how hot do you think is the market for what you are born to do? If your market is local, you will build a local company. If it is national market you will build a nationwide company. If your market has no boundaries, you will build an international company.



  1. Everyone has a trade ‘he is good at’ but ‘not born to do’ or ‘must not be payable’.
  2. Everyone may have a trade ‘he is born to do’ but ‘not good at’ and ‘not payable’.
  3. Everyone can start a trade that ‘is payable’ even if ‘he’s not good at’ or ‘born to do’.


In simple teams, it means that

  1. You can be A but not B or C
  2. You can be B but not A or C
  3. You can be C but not A or B


The power of the circle is actually in the intersections.

  1. When you are A&B it means you are good at it as well as being born to do it. You will go ahead and try to build a company. You can build a local company since your market is limited.
  2. When you are B&C it means you are born to do it as well in a payable nich. You will also go ahead to build a company and if you have members of staff who are good at it, you could blow.
  3. When you are C&D it means that your market payable and that you are good at it. You can also try to build this company. May be you can have managers who are born to do those stuff and you will be well off.
  4. The fourth is actually where any business wants to be built on. It is the place you want to be. This is actually the place I see companies like facebook etc. The ABC intersection

The ABC is a general intersection of three circles, where you find yourself in a business you are good at as well as been born to do, with a lot of prospect where a lot of people are willing to pay you.

So if you want the hottest business ideas for your invention this year, find ideas that fulfill the requirements of the three circles.



Another very vital item that forms a compound member of the innovation chat is the ‘who’.

One of the major problem of businesses and entrepreneurs is finding the right people to work with. Who do I work with, who will share my vision, who can be true to this work, who can be trustworthy that I can work with.

Actually, finding the right person or people to work with is a business life span endeavor. You don’t always have to organize a search to find the right people if not you are going to have to keep searching every now and then. What you have to do is to pick, train, grow and develop useful human resource for your business. The growth of your staff in terms of capacity and personal development and growth is simultaneous to the growth of the company.You continue to identify, train and grow the best hands to move your business further. So the ‘who’ is an important part of the whole innovation chart. Most of the time you will have to start identifying the good hands from the get go. You will mostly not be able to start any company alone. You will always need someone somehow somewhere to do something somewhat. The earlier therefore you start identifying, the better for your business.