The superstar

A plan for upcoming artist to blow without a Label


the superstar

A  plan for upcoming artist to blow without a  Label or sponsor. U don’t need a sponsor,they are not interested. U don’t need record label, they are greedy. Eighty percent (80%) of the hit artist today started on there own.

But when you start making it to the lime light,the record labels will come and beg you to join them. That is how they sign most of the artist in their labels.

Record labels, especially those in some parts of Africa and Asia, hardly do developmental signings. they are not interested in raising and developing an artist. They only take an already made.

Now, just understand that with the emergent world, you don’t need any huge capital to actually put your music out there. Let no one deceive you. And you don’t even need to put up with the labels when you begin to gain recognition.

If u can find your way to the top,you can still handle the peek. but if you are lazy,you can decide to accept there invitation when you get to the peek.

But my mission here is to show you how to get to the peek. Your step by step journey all the way to the top. All I will need from you is that you have to be a true talent.

is this for me?

A lot of people love music and would like to be a part of the industry. that doesn’t make you a good singer or musician. If you are unsure or a little skeptical about your talent or if u think u might need a little bit of training, This book also goes out of its way to give brief but very key training that will help you place your voicing properly.

It teaches how to write or get a good song,what to do and what not, and weather or not you are talented for singing. You will also be shown other businesses you can do in the industry, in case you are not cut off for singing.

You can still be relevant in the industry and make a lot of money out of it.

Are you Ready?

Now, if you are ready to start helping yourself to the top, if you want the plan for upcomin artist to blow without a label, if you are ready to take your destiny in your hands and begin to change your story, then you can pre-order the book which will be out soon.

This book is going for N12,600 Which is the basic price. But will rise to N25,250 by September 8th. And then back to it’s standard price of N35,250 at the Launch of the book.



standard price N35,250   Pre-order Now at N12,600



  1. this is nice

  2. I am a rythymn and blues singer…so how wud i be promoted and also b given d medium to showcase me?

    • It is great that you understand your music genre already. It shows that you may be serious about the business afterall. Everything you need will be mailed to you. But you have to click the ‘sign up’ button to sign up with your email address, so we have the power to reach you directly. Once again your welcome to Business samples.

  3. I am an Rythymn and blues singer…how wud i be a part of this project dat wud help promote my potentials

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