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A team that loves to create

'Business samples' is created by the CEO of the profound company, Universal GNG Innovations, Atama Anthony. Atama is a Business administrator, Entrepreneur, Author, Content creator and  Business developer of all time. Atama has been the brain behind a lot of successful business initiatives, mostly in some parts of the business unfriendly African countries. In a bid to stamp proof his business prowess and Intelligence, Atama has taken up a lot of endeavors from the bottom to the top.


He has fallen in love with business Initiatives in Africa and has helped hundreds of other initiatives through to success. His passion for the industry, both offline and online has made him to create some businesses (one of which is Business samples), geared towards helping the populace to.

1. Initiate business Ideas

2. See small businesses through to success.

3. Provide free industry guide and consultancy to existing business

4. Help businesses to attain giant sales status thereby maintaining a seat among the big Industry keepers.

With his team, he has put together this site to help millions to sustainability by providing business ideas, free training, and useful guide, tools and assistance to teaming businesses.

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What we do

Keep it simple

Business samples is a one-stop room for striking ideas, market samples, industry modelling and all the items needed to skyrocket your industry struggles.

It is not a bad thing that you have an earthshaking and undying interest in business, profit making and the desire to see your in built talents and skills yielding big to fetch you the most desired financial success.

It is only important therefore that you get the quick information and specific skills needed to create your desire in the easiest possible way.

Business samples and it’s team is headed by an industry owner and maker, who had built a series of businesses,and have also influenced the creation, management and growth of a sizable number of companies for friends and clients.

He and his team had spent there lives studying and practicing business and investment, both in it’s menial and complex forms.

we have been able to derive a number of practical business principles over the years.

The success and growth especially of small businesses plus the influence of new innovations and innovators is our watch ward.  all our manuals, scrips, posts, study materials, books and videos are  broken into five classes;

1. Strategic on-land models– Real time business Ideas are shared free. Plus, you are given manuals, scrips, PDFs to guide you through. This covers both for local and community businesses, the self employed business owners, stores/shops/malls/stalls/kiosks in the streets, towns and cities plus giant-sellers guide for easy, sure and progressive growth.


2. Strategic online tools; Business samples and models plus strategic information that makes online marketing and digital businesses actual work. This will solve the continuous problem of trial and error and failure re-circling as currently exhibited by most online businesses and intending online marketers.


3. Strategic online models: New online business ideas, models, samples and manuals added everyday. You also get tutoring, guide and everything you need to succeed in the practice are shared for free. Real time online training inculcated to teach you how to proceed through all the ideas we share.


4. Our products: Industry books/videos/audio books, niche specific books/manuals/videos, Online study materials on business tools/Idea modelling/IT added everyday


5. Have it done for you: You can leave all your work to us. Our experts will help you handle any part of your online/IT business endeavor for you for a competitive fee.

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