Have you been rejected by the banks. Did you forgo your startup dreams because of the frustration of acquiring business funding. Or did you just not think about pursuing your business dream because you are well aware that it is almost impossible for the low income to acquire any reasonable business loans.Use this options.17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business

Checkout all the options provided here and find the one(s) you can utilize to quickly kickstart your business fast.



17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business



Saved Salaries/wages


17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business2

If you are already working, You may not know but it is a great way to get money fast for your business. It might seem difficult to start saving your salary for a business.

But i must let you know that a lot of people are making their ways out of penury into a life of financial abundance just by saving a portion of their salary monthly and investing it into a profitable businesses to get rich.


If you don’t understand how to save a portion of your salary for a business, then this post might be a good help.


There are some very useful and easy to follow methods.




If you are really ready to start saving your salaries, so you could easily loan it to your startup as a business finance, then here are some very useful tips that will help you to actualize these dream.



  • Make the best of Budgeting with you salaries/wages


The first criteria to saving your salary for profitable investment is to setup a budget and track your budget spending.

This is the first step to actually saving some of your income as a  salary owner in other to invest into businesses that you can make money from.


  • How to Setup or create a budget


Start with your paycheck – subtract your fixed expenses – then pay yourself.


The term ‘pay yourself’ is a concept suggested by the ‘Richest man in Babylon’. It is expected to be a 10% of your income.


Here, depending on your relationship status and some other factors stated here, whether married, married with children or single, you can save a 10%, 20%, 30% or more from your net salary after taxes and fixed expense for a profitable investment.


After subtracting these fixed taxes plus a 10% for savings, the remainder is the amount you draft a budget on.


usually , if the amount left after taxes,fixed expense and savings is too low for a budget, then the only plausible thing to do is to reduce your expenses, especially if your saving is only a 10%.




It is not always easy to create a budget when your income is irregular. Therefore, If your paycheck is in some form of wages that is irregular, then you can start with an average of the last six or twelve months.



  •    Track and Record your budget spending



Gather your monthly bills. Save receipts for all purchases you make in a month. Sort them into two main sections: needs and wants.


The most accepted way to cut on expenses is taking a look at your ‘wants’ with a view to cut or drop some in other two improve on your savings.


Tracking expense is actually the most difficult part of saving for a business.


Here are some rather unconventional tips & methods on how to Track your expenses effectively

– Envelope System

Several articles have tried to describe the envelop method in several ways. Compile your budget in different categories, write names or uses of each category on an envelope, and put the cash allotted to each category into its corresponding envelope. Do your regular spending only from the envelops, and when your envelope(s) run out, you stop spending for that category.

Very easy.

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business3



The basic problem applying this method is that it encourages cash-only system. A lot of countries are encouraging members to switch to cashless systems and a lot of people in the developed nations are already used to spending from credit cards and debit cards. This kind of people will consider this method as cumbersome.


– Excel Spreadsheet


If you’re mostly on your computers and if you enjoy the computer lifestyle, then an Excel spreadsheet might be right up your alley. You can create your own Excel budget or find a premade template online and customize it to your liking.

With an Excel spreadsheet, you can easily see a complete overview of your budget, and it’s on a screen that’s bigger than your hand! You can look back on past months to see what’s working and what’s not, and it’s easy to customize. You can also use whatever form of payment (cash, card, etc.) you want since you’re adding your expenses manually,

The basic problem with this method is that, we like to enter our expenses as they happen, and with Excel, you have to wait until you’re actually at your computer. Sure, there are mobile spreadsheet apps, but pinching 100 different cells ain’t as easy. This system is therefore mostly better for creating a weekly or monthly round-up tracking.


– Handwritten

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business4


If you enjoy the pen and paper lifestyle, then having a hand-recorded budget might be a good option for you.

A lot of people prefer using hands and paper to record or take a note of everything they do.

You can write your budget, print it out and put it where you can easily refer to it or keep it in your purse. Hand writing your budget has a way of making it’s content stick to your consciousness.

The basic problem with this method is that writing an expense every time it happens might get a bit laborious. And there will be just too much paper works on a regular basis and that could be hard to keep long time record for further references.


– Accounting Robots


With the new world of innovation, robots are now out there to help track and manage your numbers. Just connect credit and debit account plus other accounts, spend your money and the robots will help you do the tracking.


There are a lot of articles out there that you can read to help you make an informed decision.


The basic problem with such robots is that you are almost removed from the process that you hardly feel or notice the pinch of your spending.

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business5

And that is not too good for your plans to save for a business.


– Mobile App


The most advantage of using a mobile app is that you can carry it along with you anywhere you go. if you use a budgeting app, you always have your budget with you, too. You can enter in your expenses as they happen and watch your budget update before your very eyes. It’s also easy to quickly check a category to see how much money you have left.


The basic problem is, With all the budgeting apps out there, it can be frustrating finding the right fit for you. Butr there are also alot of articles that you could do research for an informed decision.


  • Avoid spending outside of your budget


Do not make impulsive spending decisions. And the only way to control that is to make sure you are making all your spending within your budget.


What ever is not budgeted for should be planned into a new budget for another month. Most time we are always in a haste to make purchase decision on products that we are not required to make any urgent or immediate decision on. Sleep on large expenses, especially when they come outside of a budget.


Do your spending wisely. Do not spend on products that will make you to keep spending on a regular repairs. That alone can spoil the whole efforts on saving for anything, nonetheless for a business. Purchase good and durable items that will have extended use before you are required to need such again.


what ever effort you put into saving for a business, if you can not keep to your budget then it become difficult to actually make any reasonable savings for your startup.


The most is having you pouncing back on your business savings to live on and meet with your insatiable taste and spending.



  • Work on your monthly Bills and  fixed expenses



Often times a lot of people tend to live beyond their capacity without even knowing it.

Because you want to watch the trendy channels, you pay for the premium cable plans.


You can not control or track your energy consumption and wastage, you are compelled to pay for huge subscriptions.


Also, because you want to live up to trend and expectations you purchase a car without minding it’s fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. Yet you are looking for ways to get money fast for your business when you are already wasting one.


If you want to start saving your salary fast for your business, its very important to work on some of your monthly bills.



  • Reduce your energy consumption


– Reduce the need for heating and air conditioning. Putting on your air-conditioning set at winter is most of the time unnecessary.

– Unplug appliances when not in use and remember to turn off the lights. Change your computer’s settings so that it enters a very low-consumption “hibernate” mode when you’re not using it.

– When buying new appliances, go with ones that have energy-saving features



  • Evaluate your cable, telephone and internet subscriptions



Cut down on your subscription rate when it’s unnecessary. Reduce the amount of channels instead of subscribing too many and you are confused which one to watch.


Reduce unnecessary phone call, all gossips must not be discussed on the phone. You can pass an intro and then finish the whole gist when you meet at dinner or in your hangout.


Don’t spend the whole of the day on social media instead of doing something more resourceful. Most times spent on social media is mostly not for business purposes. It is mostly for leisure and entertainment.


The amount of money your phone and computer consumes on data for the internet can be cut to aid your new found dream of a business.


Consider checking other service provider for a possible change in case you find the ones that will serve you better and cheaper.

Most of the time we get engrossed with a particular provider, that we forget the constant changes out there. Sometime emergent companies could come with better offers just in a bid to acquire customers for their products. You can make your survey and change subscription to enjoy such packages.


  • Cut on the cost of servicing major expenses like car and mortgage.


Do not purchase a car that requires large capital to manage. make sure your purchases have high value. Buy a model known to last a long time with low maintenance costs

Get a mortgage plan that will fit into your plans. If your credit rating has improved since buying a home, it may make sense to refinance your mortgage. Because many homeowners find their credit getting better over time, they may qualify for a lower interest rate than they did a few years earlier.

Refinancing can result in lower monthly payments and/or less money going towards interest.check with your mortgage company.


  • Watch your general spending excesses.

– Be smarter about food.

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business6

  1. While food is a necessity, it’s also a problem area for over-spenders. Although cheap food is often considered unhealthy, there are plenty of ways to pay less without sacrificing nutrition
  2. Many people overspend by eating out often, especially when it comes to lunches at work.
  3. If you resolve to prepare a majority of your meals at home, you will be able to save quite a bit of money each month.
  4. Shop sales. Instead of sticking by a brand or making a traditional shopping list, buy items as they go on sale for the best deals. While the savings of buying sales items in bulk may be tempting, only purchase what you can safely store or consume quickly.  
  5. Always pick the item with the lowest cost per unit. While many people assume the biggest version of an item will be the best value, that is often not the case. If you don’t want to do the math yourself, many grocery stores will even list the cost per unit next to the item.
– Spend less on entertainment –
  1. Many people spend a large portion of  their incomes on entertainment. Luckily, these costs are the ones we have the most control over and thus the simplest to cut back on.
  2. It can be easy to be peer pressured into unnecessary spending if your social group spends its time at expensive bars and other venues. Instead of dropping your friends, start suggesting or planning lower cost get-together.  Have a movie night at your house instead of the theater. Host a casual potluck instead of catching up at an expensive restaurant. Go to a public park instead of maintaining an expensive gym membership.


Salary advance and employee’s Loan

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business7

Using salary advance for a startup is very much like using the first option of saving your salary.

The basic difference are that if you take a salary advance or a work loan, you will have the money to quickly kickstart your trade while you pay back with a salary. Unlike the first option where you have to save your salary before you actually start

A lot of salary advances and employees’ loans have a flexible re-payment plan that would mostly fit into most of the easy salary savings plans we have.



A very important point to note is the extra security and discipline you will need to imbibe since you will be going through the period of having to pay back the loan with a portion of your salary while the business is also being executed.

A lot of people may tend to pounce back on the young startup to cover for the gap left by the loan repayment. This could adversely affect your startup. It is highly recommended that you stick to the new lifestyle that would keep you and your family within the expense range of the left overs from your salaries, up until say when you will finish paying for the loan


If you already have your business already worked out and want to start immediately, then just take an employee’s loan and plan the repayment into any of the salary savings plan here. a salary advance or an emplyees’ loan is a quick way to get money fast for your business




Don’t forget the three stages of business funding.

The startup funding,

the development funding,

and the expansion funding.


A lot of businesses think they are just small and wouldn’t bother looking into this. But it is a very important part of the life of any business.




It is very important to make sure you make adequate survey about your business before you start. Enough research and data could give say about a ten year long structure of your business expectations and save you from far too unexpected outcomes.


That’s not all


Some types of businesses might require that you get trained. If you are in any type of business that requires proper training, i will advice that you get trained in order to perform optimally.

A good enough training can save you up to 5 to 10 years of trial and error and a possible bankruptcy. Getting trained would save you from wasting all your capital to years of mediocrity and hash experiences.




Profits from other businesses


Profits are usually made for the purpose of expansion and extension. If you already have a business, small or big, it could actually serve as a a very easy way to get money fast for your business. It could serve as a good source of capital for your startup.


All businesses are expected to expand and extend. If you are not expanding or extending, then you are not growing fast. There is always a limit to space within which you can grow at a point. If you are not expanding or extending, then it means you are either not profiting or the whole profit is ending up in your stomach.

If your business is not growing or if you are not seeing any measurable profits then you can follow this link to find how you may learn to change this and begin to make money.


But if you are profiting, then you can save a portion of your profits now for your new business.


Using a business to start another business is usually the best way to invest. (Reference; Rich Dad’s guide to investing)(Download)


Why is it important?


First of all, you are not bearing the burden, your business is.

Then you are sure of a good place to source funds to sponsor the ‘three stages of funding’.

And then you will have a lot of freedom to strife high because you are not reducing the size of your food in order to invest, instead your business profits is being used to build another business for you. It is more like building your business further.




Share a portion of the company and it’s idea to a willing partner

OR share the expected profits with an investor

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business8


  • From within


Pitching your startup ideas to friends and potential investors among family and neighbors in order to gain partners and/or investors is one of the best ways to get money fast for your business.


But the most mistake with this idea is people thinking that they could just tell or beg a friend or a rich man close to their house or a family friend and then you just get money crawling out of their pocket.

Showing them that your business is one of the fast ways to make money is not going to make them invest either.


The earlier you begin to think like an investor and entrepreneur the better for you.


You don’t take your problem to any man if you want to get values. You take values to them to exchange with values.


It is very easy. A rich man may not have money to dash you, but he will always have money to increase his coast. If you want to get money from anyone to invest in your business, you must find a thing of value that will be of high relevance to exchange.


And in this case, if your business is good enough, then the most value you can give to anyone in exchange is a stake in the business.


This persons already know you or at least you are being recommended by someone they know. whatever business you’re going to do is going to be in the same communities they know already.

So you are not going to take too much time explaining the viability of the businesses because whatever you try to explain they can see and feel it.


They understand the place and prospect, so, they will easily understand how probable your business could become and its viability.


What you need to do is to tell them the numbers.


Most investors that will come from around you will be more interested in the numbers than the process. Because the process will easily explain itself since everything you tell them is tangible and within reach.

I am not saying that it’s all easy to get someone around you who wants to invest. But if you ever find one that you think could, you now know how to approach them.

It could be your friends, family or any acquaintances. But just make sure you discuss the terms and put it into an agreement. Tell them exactly what stakes you will be given them in your business and whatever role they will be playing, whether they be active in the processes, or they will just control and manage their shares, or if they will be full time investors and just stay and expect their percentage of the profits



  • From the public service workers


A lot of people in the public service are bound by their jobs, and as such are not able to do business or add any other trade. So, most of them will be happy to find opportunities to invest and start a second stream of income.


A lot of them have tried and failed to find an alternative means of income. They have struggled not to depend on salaries only for their source of livelihood. If you will give them a good option, a lot of them will key to the idea. They will save all their salaries to join you. Some will collect employees loan to invest into a profitable business.


There are a number of other ways also that you can find partners or investors who are willing to share in your investment.



  • From Professional Social Networking Sites


Social networking sites like LinkedIn have over the years help to connect a lot of investors to startup ideas. If you can leverage. the power of the internet, then LinkedIn is sure a great place you have at getting both local and international investors.

Beyond LinkedIn, numerous professional social networking sites now exist. they can help connect you with all types of investors across all industry specializations and business segments. Many of these new professional social networking sites even connect you with investors from other countries who want to participate in the global business environment and often bring your product or service to their part of the world.

Some professional social networking sites to consider for investor connections include EFactor, Xing, Plaxo, Startup Nation, Cofoundr, Meetup, and cofounderslab.





Online Loan sites


There are sites online that claim to give loan to intending entrepreneurs. Some of them will issue loan in as less as 24 hours.

You can check with some of these services to see if you may find what you are looking for. Just search online loan sites on google and you will find some of them to check with. You can also do an extended search and research to find the ones that might be credible.

Sites like Topcheck, Avant, Loan Now all have claims of providing quick loans to people.

Sites like Personal Money Service works with a huge network of direct lenders to ensure the quickest way for people to get access to loans.


Some of these sites claim to give loans without collateral. You can check what some of them are doing.

ill advice that you check with the ones located within your country of residence.


And i don’t recommend that you pay out money to lenders before they give you money, especially not online.



Using product pre-sale/Launch promo


Selling your products before they launch is a highly effective way to raise the money needed for financing your business.

Although, not many people are doing this but it is an effective way to raise money for your startup well ahead of the official launch.

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business9

Companies like Apple, Samsung & MTN have been killing it with this method to get money fast to build some of their products.


If you are considering using this method, then i will add that you quickly check ‘The 5-Step Formula for Effectively Pre-Selling Your Product to Your Audienceso you you can plan a product pre-sale or launch promo that actually works.



Angel Networks


Angel investors are individuals with surplus cash and a keen interest to invest in upcoming startups. They also work in groups of networks to collectively screen the proposals before investing. They will also sit on your shoulder, offering mentorship, solid advice, and provide access to their network of contacts.

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business9

Angel investors have helped to start up many prominent companies, including Google, Yahoo and Alibaba.

This alternative form of investing generally occurs in a company’s early stages of growth, with investors expecting a upto 30% equity. They prefer to take more risks in investment for higher returns.

entrepreneurs agree with the fact that angel investing is one of the best strategies for raising equity capital. In fact, it is the most preferred small business financing option especially for startups. But unfortunately, most people have no idea how and where to find and connect with willing investors.



19 places to find and connect with Angel Investors



  • Alumni events – college’s or university’s alumni events
  • Angel groups – Example of angel groups are:
  1. Ohio Tech Angel Funds, Columbus, Ohio
  2. Tech Coast Angels, Los Angeles
  3. Investors’ Circle, San Francisco
  4. Golden Seeds LLC, New York City
  5. North Coast Angel Fund, Cleveland, Ohio
  6. Band of Angels, Menlo Park, California
  7. Hyde Park Angel Network, Chicago
  8. Alliance of Angels, Seattle
  9. Pasadena Angels, Altadena, California
  10. New York Angels Inc., New York City



  • Local Business and Networking Events – You can find about these events on sites like Meetup, Eventful, and Eventbrite
  • Social media – Like LinkedIn
  • Chamber of Commerce meetings
  • Industry conferences and trade shows
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Charity events


We have taken the pain to assemble a list of angel investors around you so it’s easier to take it up from here


Here is a list of angel investors in Nigeria https://angel.co/nigeria/investors

Here are some places to find angel investors in the US  Angel Capital Association, and Angel Investment Network,


Here is a list of popular Angel Investors in IndiaIndian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Hyderabad Angels.

Also check out the list of individual Angel Investors in India, some of these active angel investors have invested in many successful startups.




To help you find a regional angel investor near you, Angel Capital Association even offers a directory listing by area and platform type


I will also advise that you check some of these post if you have plans to choose these option to finance your start up

How to Raise Capital from Angel Investors Successfully

How to Pitch Angel Investors Successfully

10 Questions Angel Investors are Likely to Ask You

Advantages/Disadvantages of Raising Fund from Angel Investors





Use Business Incubators and Accelerators

 Business Incubators and Accelerators0

Starting a company is challenging especially in the underdeveloped and developing countries of the world. Therefore working with others who have succeeded through the same challenges will make a huge difference.


Early stage businesses can consider Incubator and Accelerator programs as a funding option. Found in almost every major city, these programs assist hundreds of startup businesses every year

Business incubators are programs are often sponsored by private companies or municipal entities and public institutions, such as colleges and universities. Their goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support, financial and technical services.


Below are a list of accelerators and incubators in Nigeria –


  1. The innovation Ecosystem (Co-creation Hub or CCHub)
  2. SPARK
  3. Savannah funds
  4. Passion incubator
  5. Wennovation Hub
  6. Leadpath Nigeria
  7. 88mph
  8. 440ng
  9. Idea Hub/TechLaunchpad
  10. The Tony Elumelu Foundation


Here is a list of incubators and accelerators outside Nigeria, collected from Forbes


Rank Incubator/Accelerator City Note
1 Y Combinator Mountain View, Calif. Dropbox and Airbnb are just the biggest names in portfolio. Investors fight to invest in YC companies at sky-high prices. Founded in 2005.
2 TechStars Boulder, Boston, New York, Seattle, San Antonio Founded in 2007, it has grown to five cities, but keeps batches small to give each startup extra attention. Has broader impact by helping other incubators.
3 DreamIt Ventures Philadelphia, New York, Israel Founded in 2008, it has programs in Philadelphia, New York and Israel, with 65 portfolio companies, including SCVNGR/Level Up.
4 AngelPad San Francisco Founded by seven ex-Googlers in 2010; hot portfolio, but too early to value many of the companies.
5 Launchpad LA Los Angeles Founded in 2009, 23 companies have gone through program, 19 have been funded, 5 acquired.
6 Excelerate Labs Chicago Founded in 2010, the firm has graduated 20 companies so far. Mentors include local Groupon investor Brad Keywell.
7 Kicklabs San Francisco Stage-agnostic accelerator focuses on helping startups close first deals with large brands and agencies.
8 500 Startups Mountain View, Calif. Founded in 2010. Also has seed fund in addition to incubator. Focus on startups from overseas as well as US.
9 TechNexus Chicago Doesn’t have time limits on companies it accepts. Invests in its companies on case-by-case basis. Founded in 2007.
10 Tech Wildcatters Dallas New incubator, but has some promising startups
Others considered: The Brandery, Capital Factory, ERA Accelerator,

LaunchBox Digital, NYC Seed Start



Private Equity Firms


private equity firms give you access to everything from a few thousand to millions in investment, primarily to those start-ups considered to be in the early stage with great growth potential across a wide range of industries.


Also, if you have an equity, say in properties, you could utilise these into startup investment.


Although private equity is Considered a traditional path to investor funding, it is a good way to raise money fast for your business.



Use proceeds from selling other personal properties


A lot of entrepreneurs have tried this method before and it does work. A lot of people acquire too many properties than they actually need.

We have people who even believe that buying cars are assets. If you really believe in the prospect and the work you have put into your strategy and you need money to kickstart, you can just sell some of the cars, lands, generating plant etc even boxes of laces and clothing to kickstart your investments.

Then you can make sure you replace them the moment your business have covered effectively for the items.




Trade credit or vendor credit


A trade credit is an agreement where a customer can purchase goods on account (without paying cash), paying the supplier at a later date. Usually when the goods are delivered, a trade credit is given for a specific number of days – 30, 60 or 90.

Jewelry businesses sometimes extend credit to 180 days or longer Readmore?


If your line of business is a product that requires supply. Or a trade line that need stock of goods, then you can find this option as viable, because a lot of traders, even the ones that have been in business for years still make the best use of this method to increase and expand their capacities.


The amount of days for which a credit is given is determined by the company allowing the credit, and is agreed upon by both the company allowing the credit and the company receiving it.

With the extension of the payment date, the company receiving the credit could sell the goods and use the net proceeds to pay back the debt.

This type of credit is sometimes given to encourage sales.


At times, a supplier may give a discount, if the customer pays within a certain period of time. For example, a 2% discount if payment is received within 10 days of issuing a 30-day credit.



Use small Business Administration


Small business administration is primarily for the Americans. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a United States government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.


The mission of the Small Business Administration is “to maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy by enabling the establishment and viability of small businesses and by assisting in the economic recovery of communities after disasters”.

The agency’s activities are summarized as the “3 Cs” of capital, contracts and counseling.


Small business administration are still a good source for funding because more programs have been developed in recent years to stimulate the economy.

They primarily offer small business loans and grants, but these may be exactly what you need and are available with fair terms without having any interference or expectations that they will get a stake in your business




Microloans from cooperatives


If you are looking to start a small business, then microloans from cooperatives will be a good option. Although the Cooperative model is being considered to be the most effective, some private individuals are still leveraging this micro loan repeatedly. this is a good way get money fast for your business especially for a low cost business ideas.


Just type microloans from cooperatives OR micro loans from microfinance on google and am sure you will find a lot of resources around you.



Use consumer credit cards

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business11

Consumer credit includes purchases obtained with credit cards, lines of credit and some loans

Consumer credit is a debt that a person incurs when purchasing a good or service


Both Personal and Business credit cards can be a relatively cost-effective way of financing your startup. Many come with 0% APR introductory periods and valuable cash back or rewards programs. This can be a good


savings for your business if you use credit cards regularly

Small business credit cards aren’t an ideal way to fund large capital investments in your small business startup.

But they can be an essential tool for cash flow management.

You can cover expenses with your small business credit card while waiting for payments from your customers, preserving cash and earning rewards at the same time




Use funds from retirement/pension plan account


A retirement plan is a financial arrangement designed to replace employment income upon retirement. These plans may be set up by employers, insurance companies, trade unions, the government, or other institutions


You can discuss with your pension manager the likelihood of using your pension account for a business funding.


A pensioner can also follow the first plan laid out for employees, in which salary earner are either expected to save their salaries as start up business loans or the second where the salary earner can take a salary advance or employee’s loan as business loans.


A pensioner can can save a part of his pension following the methods laid in (1) above and lay a business that will help him to earn money faster. OR he could also take a loan for his business financing (since most pension benefits allow for borrowing), and offset his debt by following the plan laid in (2) above for salary earner who have taken an employee’s loan.


Whichever way, a pensioneer can use his pension to set a life of financial freedom for himself. His pension is an alternative way to get money for his business fast.



Crowd funding


Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture.

17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business12

It makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together.


Such Crowdfunding sites provide you with access to many different types of investors, from the general public with an interest to participate in the “next big thing”, to philanthropists who believe in helping others realize their dreams, to accredited investors seeking new ideas to fund.


Each crowdfunding site has its own focus and way of incentivizing investors, so study each one carefully to see which one most closely aligns with your strategic goals.


There might be distinctions in regulations as regards crowdfunding in different countries.

In the United States, crowdfunding is restricted by regulations on who is allowed to fund a new business and how much they are allowed to contribute


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria’s have in the past put a ban on equity crowdfunding. This trend is seriously slowing down the introduction of crowdfunding in the country.


The SEC believes that crowdfunding cannot be effective in Nigeria for now because of a lack of rules.


Worldwide, crowdfunding have in the past raised billions of euros. A fraction of this has been funded in Africa, and before now, Nigeria is one of the fastest emerging markets in the world and one of Africa’s leading economic markets


Just type ‘crowdfunding’ in ………,  e.g crowdfunding in Nigeria on google and you will find some firms that still practice in this space



Get a loan from family and friends


This are Monies, usually in the form a loan, that a business owner gets from either family members or friends in order to help finance their startup or growing business .

The most common source of debt financing or startup funding for start-ups often isn’t a commercial lending institution, but family and friends.

It makes sense.

People with whom you have close relationships know you are reliable and competent, so there should be no problem in asking for a loan



That’s it. 17 alternative ways to get money fast for your business, updated. The list is bulky, so take your time to spur some of the options that might be good for you and see to implementing Some practical easy steps that would make your Business financial problems a thing of the past.


Now, what do you think about this actionable tips and options? Which options would you want to try? What do you think about any of these, and what are particularly the problems with any of them in your country? Feel free to write your comments below